Transform your water fountain.

The Pure Spout fountain filter is an easy-to-install water filtration device that provides safe, high-quality drinking water in facilities with aging or compromised plumbing.

Drink with confidence knowing the water coming out of the fountain is free of lead and other contaminants.

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Exposure to lead can be harmful to your health

Studies have shown that plumbing materials in older facilities and fixtures could be leaching lead and other harmful contaminants into the drinking water supply, potentially causing serious public health consequences. Learn more:

Lead materials were commonly used in building plumbing systems and fixtures as recently as 1986. When water flows through these materials, lead can leach into the drinking water supply.

Pure water at the fountain

Our patented water fountain retrofit solution replaces the existing drinking spout with a new spout that has a replaceable filter cartridge integrated into its design, effectively removing contaminants from the water supply.

  • Filter-at-spout feature provides filtered water in every sip
  • Design allows for simple and quick installation onto existing fountains
  • Sturdy, tamper-proof design
  • More cost-effective than replacing existing fountains
  • Make it your own: Custom branding opportunities and color schemes available
Expanded filter

Our filter

Our proprietary filtration media is optimized to effectively reduce lead and other contaminants.

Invented by a team of industry-leading water quality scientists and designed to meet and exceed NSF standard 53 for lead reduction.

The replaceable filter cartridge makes changing your filter easy – simply unscrew the tamper-proof lid and drop in the new filter.

Our subscription service can automatically send you a new filter every 6 months, an easy reminder when it’s time to change the filter.

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